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22nd October 2018
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New Year – new “slimmer” you?

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New Year – new “slimmer” you?

So to all of you that have set yourselves a New Year goal to lose weight…I salute you. I often think our tradition of setting New Years Resolution’s would have a way greater success rate if we started it in the Summer when the days are longer, the weather brighter and you feel much more motivated… but hey, here we are and therefore I genuinely applaud you for getting this far!
As my offer of support I have turned the “world wide web” upside down to find the top tips to help give your weight loss journey a boost and here they are…..

Water, water everywhere!

The tip – drink it! Lots of it! Carry a bottle wherever you go and keep sipping. Whilst the health benefits of doing this would warrant a blog of its own, the headlines are that it helps to keep your appetite at bay by making you feel full, it will help boost energy levels and generally pop a spring in your step….and all that before I even start on the benefits to your hair, nails and skin!

It may seem obvious but according to the internet, it is amazing how many people embark on a weight loss programme without including exercise. The key is not to go too big too soon. Start small and steady by simply increasing the amount you walk. Park further away from work, walk up and down your stairs 10 times a day, take the stairs instead of the lift….a little change really will make a difference.

Give yourself a boost
At the clinic, I have many clients that are on a variety of weight loss programmes and have plateaued. So to boost morale and sprinkle in a little body confidence magic they book in for a Laser Liposculpture session. We use the very latest Class 3, Type B Cold laser which reduces body fat by emitting low levels of laser energy. This penetrates the skin making the adipocytes (fat cells!) ‘sweat’ free fatty acids, glycerol and water which means a healthy and safe inch loss. Check out a registered clinic near you if you are in need of a little helping hand!

Fat burning foods
Yes…you heard me right! Avocados, fish, nuts and sweet potato’s are to name but a few but google it, it could be the answer to the healthy snack you have been craving between meals!
Sign up for a challenge

Always a great way to spur you on and give you a goal is to publicly commit to a challenge with the added incentive of raising money for charity. There are lots on offer and they don’t need to be crazy. Keep it realistic but don’t forget the keyword is “challenge” and it should take you outside of your comfort zone – by how much is up to you

However you find your boost, I wish you all the very best. Keep going.…you have got this!

Love Emma x


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