What is acne?


Acne is a common condition that occurs in areas of the skin with a high concentration of the sebaceous glands which produce an oily substance called sebum. It most often affects the face and back, and sometimes the chest, where whiteheads, blackheads, pustules, cysts, and painful papules can develop.

Although acne can appear at any age it often starts during puberty, and while the usual teenage spots are inevitable, acne spots can be difficult to control causing much irritation, discomfort, and distress.

As hormone levels balance out over time, many people leave acne behind, but for some people it is an enduring problem that continues throughout adulthood in varying degrees of mild, moderate, or severe.

Why does it develop?

Acne occurs when hair follicles – the tiny holes in the skin which are attached to the sebum-producing sebaceous glands – become blocked with a mixture of excess oil and dead skin cells causing whiteheads and blackheads. If the excess oil and dead skin cells mix with bacteria then the blocked follicles can develop into infected pustules, papules, and cysts.

Acne can run in families, be caused by fluctuating hormone levels, certain medicines, some cosmetic products, and can even be connected to smoking and diet.

Back acne is the specific term used to describe whiteheads, blackheads, papules and cysts that are predominant on someone’s back – also an area with a hight concentration of sebaceous glands. Because the back is usually covered, sweat and friction can make things worse.

IPL Laser treatment, Celluma Light Therapy, and Chemical Peels are all specialised aesthetic treatments that can help make a difference to acne.



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Treatments for Acne - including back Acne at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic

IPL Acne Treatments

Acne is a common skin condition most commonly associated with teenagers and young adults of both sexes.

However, at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic our experience is that older age groups are increasingly affected by the typical acne traits of congested skin, blocked pores, and skin blemishes too.

Celluma Professional LED Therapy

Award-winning celluma LED light therapy treatments are the favourite LED light therapy for professionals.

Celluma light therapy improves cellular heath to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

Chemical Peel Treatments

Ameson Mesopeel is a professional chemical peeling system for skin’s renewal, brightness and softness.

This system is based on organic acids which are chosen to treat specific skin conditions and treatment consists of 4 stages: preparation, peeling, neutralisation and regeneration.