What are verrucas?


Verrucas are a type of wart that affect the outer layer of skin (epidermis) on the bottom of the feet, often around the toe area or on the sole. They are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which gets into the skin direct or indirect contact and causes skin cells to produce too much of the protein keratin.

Verruca plantaris is the name given to a verruca on the sole of the foot whereas mosaic verucca is the name given to a cluster of small verrucae.

Although they can be uncomfortable or even painful, (especially on a weight-bearing area) verrucas are harmless. But, they are easily caught in damp environments like swimming pools or changing rooms.

Verrucas are often white with a black dot in the centre and tend to be flat, and although they can disappear by themselves it generally takes a long time so Cryopen Cryotherapy provides an effective and quick treatment for their removal using extreme cold under high pressure to destroy the unwanted verruca.


Treatments for Verrucas at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic

Cryopen Cryotherapy

Excellent for skin tags, age spots, sun damage, warts, skin lesions and pigmentation, milia, cherry angioma, and viral verrucae.

CryoPen™ treatment is an easy, localised treatment for the removal of benign skin conditions such as warts, liver and sunspots, skin tags, milia, and cherry angioma.