Introducing The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic’s LipoSculpture Treatments

Inch Loss and Fat Reduction Laser LipoSculpture (also known as Laser Lipolysis) is a new, non-invasive, painless, safe form of inch loss treatment which gives you the result of liposuction, without the surgery.

There are no needles or injections and after the treatment there is no bruising or recovery time.

At the The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic, many of our clients can expect to lose between half to three inches after just one treatment. Others have shown up to an astonishing size loss of 16 inches over a course of ten treatments.

When you book we charge a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment which is, of course, deducted from the cost of your treatment.

Our Laser Lipo inch loss and fat reduction treatments are proven to be effective on:

  • Stomach
  • Thighs and hips (love handles)
  • Upper and lower back fat
  • Arms (bingo wings)
  • Baby bulge
  • Double chins
  • Male breasts (moobs)

The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic’s portfolio of clients come to us to experience:

  • Inch loss skin tightening
  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation
  • Stretch mark treatments
  • Pre/post liposuction contouring (requires a surgeon referral)

How The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic’s Laser Lipo Treatments Work

At the The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic we use the very latest Class 3, Type B Cold laser which reduces body fat by emitting low levels of laser energy. This penetrates the skin, between 9mm and 13mm, making the adipocytes (fat cells) ‘sweat’ free fatty acids, glycerol and water.

The fat cells shrink and the lymphatic system removes the fatty liquid through the body’s natural metabolic function, processing them in the same way as fatty foods are digested – which means a healthy and safe inch loss.

Liposculpture treatment does not harm the body in any way or affect the neighbouring structures such as skin, blood vessels, and peripheral nerves. The fat cells are left intact and the body still maintains its ability to store fat in the areas that have been targeted, preventing fat being stored in different parts such as around the heart or other vital organs.

Clients who maintain a healthy diet and moderate exercise regime will retain the benefits of liposculpture treatment and maintain their body shape.

The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic’s new state of the art LipoSculpt machine is currently the only machine on the market which offers a twelve paddle system with an incredible 136 laser diodes, meaning shorter, more cost effective treatment times as more than one body area can treated at once.

When you book we charge a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment which is, of course, deducted from the cost of your treatment.

What can The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic Clients expect?

On meeting Emma or one of our highly trained, licensed, insured The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic therapists for the first time, we will ask you to complete a medical questionnaire and discuss what you would really like to achieve from your treatment with us.

We believe that by understanding your needs and motivation, together with an understanding of your lifestyle and health history, we will be able to work together to a common aim and in the most cost effective way.

This is what you can expect during a typical Laser Lipo treatment at the The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic :

  • We will target the areas where you wish to reduce fat and accurately measure it
  • Up to eight large Diode Laser paddles will be placed on the targeted fatty areas and secured with a Velcro belt
  • Two or four smaller Probe Lasers will be placed over the appropriate lymphatic glands and held in place
  • The LipoSculpt machine will then be switched on for up to 40 minutes, emitting painless low levels of energy
  • The treated areas will now be re-measured to assess the inch loss achieved. On average one can expect to see a reduction of between 0.5 and 3 inches (1.25 – 8cm)
  • In order to increase the body’s ability to remove the broken down fat cells, it is necessary to assist the natural process by increasing the metabolic rate. This can be achieved in a number of ways such as a 30 minute period of cardiovascular exercise such as brisk walking, running or the use of the clinic’s vibration plate machine for about 10 minutes.

After your Laser Lipo treatment, our therapist will recommend some light to moderate exercises and discuss the most appropriate diet to achieve lasting high quality results.

When you book we charge a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment which is, of course, deducted from the cost of your treatment.

Examples of The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic 'Before and After' Treatments

Laser Lipo is quite simply the most revolutionary fat busting and inch loss system ever made. You can lose an average of 2-4 inches!

By investing in the very latest LipoSculpt laser technology machine, The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic can now offer the only 12 paddle, dual frequency, non-invasive lipo system in Europe which is 30% more effective than any other laser liposuction machine on the market.

These are some of the results which our clients have recently experienced:

Laser Lipo treatment Price List

Laser Lipo is a great pain free treatment to lose inches instantly.

In one 30 minute treatment you can expect to lose 2 – 4 inches and it costs £120.

I always recommend you try one session before booking a course and there is no pressure to do a course at all. If you do decide you would like to continue with a course here is an indication of the price.

When you book we charge a £20 booking fee to secure your appointment which is, of course, deducted from the cost of your treatment.

Your Questions About Laser Lipo Answered

Can anyone be treated with Laser Lipo?

There are some medical conditions or ‘contraindications’ that mean you CANNOT be treated with Laser Lipo at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic.

To ensure the best interest of your health, and to ensure there are no complications with your condition, people with the following conditions cannot be treated:

  • Liver disease
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart problems
  • Pacemaker
  • Radiation sickness or receiving radiation therapies
  • Any form of cancer (even if in remission)
  • Immune suppressed disorders
  • Pregnancy or currently breast feeding
  • Diabetes (type 1 – insulin dependent)
  • Any dysfunction of the nervous system (e.g. muscular sclerosis)
  • Parkinson’s disease, motor neuron disease
  • Bell’s palsy
  • Photosensitive skin disorder
  • Epilepsy

If you suffer from any of the following conditions you CAN be treated (with a signed disclaimer) but The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic would strongly recommend you consult with your GP or consultant physician before commencing treatment.


  • If you are an HIV carrier
  • Diabetes (type 2)
  • Recent surgery or minor operation (less than 6 weeks ago)
  • Recent injury (awaiting treatment / surgery)
How many Laser Lipo Treatments will I need?

At The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic we treat all clients on an individual basis but a course of 2 treatments per week for 4-6 weeks will usually provide significant results.

You can have more than one course if required, but it is essential to have a 2 week gap between courses.

Can more than one area of the body be treated at a time?

Yes. By investing in the very latest LipoSculpt laser technology machine, The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic can now comfortably treat more than one area of the body at a time. This is most effective if you are prepared to do more cardiovascular exercise between treatments.

What exercise should I do following a Laser Lipo Treatment?

Cardiovascular exercise is most effective in securing the best results from a course of Laser Lipo treatments. This will depend upon your fitness levels but the aim is to get your heart rate up to the point of perspiring through exercise such as power walking, running, swimming, power plate, rowing machine etc…

How can I monitor the results of my Laser Lipo Treatment

At the The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic we are results focused and like to share the excitement of our clients’ inch loss throughout each course of treatment. We will measure you after every Laser Lipo session and we will take ‘before and after’ photographs too.

Will the inches stay off after my Laser Lipo Treatment?

Yes, if you maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic therapist will be able to provide tailored advice about the most effective post treatment regime for you.