What are forehead lines?


In the same way that crow’s feet around the eyes are a result of facial muscle contractions such as smiling, forehead lines develop when the muscles of the forehead repeatedly contract and relax.

Frowning, squinting a screens or in bright sunlight, and even simply concentrating can all cause the forehead muscles to contract.

Diminishing elastin and collagen production, lifestyle and environmental factors such as smoking, sun exposure, air pollution and even stress can all contribute to the development of wrinkles on the forehead.

Lack of hydration can make wrinkles appear more pronounced so drinking plenty of water, eating a balanced diet, and not smoking can all help diminish the appearance of forehead wrinkles.

There are a range of aesthetic procedures that can also help with forehead lines such as IPL lnt, Celluma Light Therapy, Dermapen and Chemical Peels.



Treatments for Forehead Lines at The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic

IPL Skin Pigmentation

Sun spots, liver spots and freckles are examples of unwanted pigmentation and are often associated with skin ageing, or over exposure to the sun or sunbeds.

Celluma Professional LED Therapy

Award-winning celluma LED light therapy treatments are the favourite LED light therapy for professionals.

Celluma light therapy improves cellular heath to reduce signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

Dermapen™ Treatments

The Cheshire Aesthetic Clinic is delighted to introduce a new skin rejuvenation therapy, the DermaPen™ to our clients.

DermaPen™ prompts the natural release of the skin’s collagen and elastin for amazing anti-aging benefits, all without the need for surgery. It is the UK’s leading non-surgical skin regeneration treatment due to its effectiveness and safety.

Chemical Peel Treatments

Ameson Mesopeel is a professional chemical peeling system for skin’s renewal, brightness and softness.

This system is based on organic acids which are chosen to treat specific skin conditions and treatment consists of 4 stages: preparation, peeling, neutralisation and regeneration.