According to research, in 2022 the UK cosmetics and skincare market was worth around £8.9 billion. Clearly, we like looking after our skin and there are brands out there to suit every budget.

And yet, there are other choices we make do to keep our skin in great condition before we even begin to apply products, which may also be good for more than just our skin.

Trying to make healthy lifestyle choices are only going to affect our skin positively, so besides being good for us in general, if we eat loads of fruit and vegetables as part of a balanced diet, the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals they contain help to protect the skin from cell damage while supporting skin health, function, and appearance.

We’re often advised to make sure we drink enough water for our general health, but with regard to skin, it’s our biggest organ so if we avoid becoming dehydrated it can help skin tone.

We all know that we should try to get plenty of sleep at night when cell turnover and collagen production increases. This should help the skin to appear fresher and hopefully go some way to limiting wrinkles.

Many people follow a basic cleanse, tone and moisturise routine with extra steps such as exfoliation added in. Obviously, a cleanser removes dirt, a toner sooths and replenishes, and a moisturiser nourishes and hydrates. All budgets are catered for in the market as the price range is huge and given that we all have different facial skin, people often settle on a preferred routine with preferred products even if it takes a little trial and error.

We should use a day time moisturiser with SPF to protect from the sun in the morning and a night time moisturiser in the evening so that it can repair and nourish while we sleep.

If we stick to a routine, we’re more likely to remember to remove make up before bed so that the daily accumulated oil and grime dirt is removed, and the night cream can work properly on clog-free skin.

By managing these basics of skin care, whatever products we choose to buy have the best chance of working to their potential, and our general health might just benefit too.